Welcome to our international yoga retreat

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Buddha

Welcome to a life transforming experience

Pathways Country Yoga Retreat is an escape from everything happening in the world to a tranquil space where on arrival one actually feels all tension melting away and peace and love prevail. 

We decided to share this absolutely tranquil haven with others and have opened a second Yoga Shala as Yoga Retreat Venue Hire. Where teachers from all over the world are welcome to host their own retreats with their students and share the love and peace.

Between rolling green hills overlooking serene dams you can unwind relax and rejuvenate out in the country at this beautiful sanctuary.

The venue has breath taking views and offers nature walks, meditation gardens and an abundance of bird life. Other activities in close proximity include Safari Game Reserves, sky diving, wellness spas, hot air ballooning, mountain bike riding, beach yoga to name but a few.

At the original retreat we host 200h Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Certification,  100 Hour Yoga Nidra Certified Training (see our life changing yoga retreats page) 7 and 10 days life transforming retreats,  and drop in retreats, where the secrets of the ancient tradition of classical Yoga are shared which brings the self realization of who you are and what you are capable of. Traditional Yoga Teachers Training was done with small groups to ensure personalized attention and allow people to be in a safe space while learning and processing. This tradition lives on at Pathways Country Yoga Retreat.

To learn more about the teacher’s Yoga lineage click here

Pathways Country Yoga Retreat will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world with a new attitude. On arrival literally feel all tension melt away and a sense of inner peace, calmness and love embrace you at this very unique paradise.

Pathways is your haven to a whole new you living, being and thinking in harmony with the Universe.

Enjoy a new life!!!