Pathway to Success – Workshop for Successful Living

Pathway to Success – Workshop for Successful Living

In this workshop we share our expertise and successful technologies, enabling people to set their full potential free.

Modern psychology is proving that product and occupation knowledge alone is no longer the key to success in business.

Statistics prove that people who are emotionally balanced are able to motivate themselves and maintain stable positive attitudes – this breeds successful performers. At Pathways we are very aware that people are more emotionally sensitive today, due to the pace of our modern day living. This has a direct impact on attitudes and reactions towards life. As these aspects are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind, we are also aware that to simply decide to change ones attitude over night is a non reality.



The course duration is 6 hours. Participants are encouraged to wear loose comfortable clothing for exercising. A work book, dvd’s and cd’s with a full description of the techniques demonstrated will be available. Cost calculated depending on Employer requirements with regard venue, lunch and teas. The payment term is 100% payable 72 hours prior to the course commencement date.


Join us at Pathways Country Retreat where this workshop includes extra exercise, processing activities and technique time, extra integration, question and contemplation time of what is being taught along with access to relaxation and rejuvenation facilities. This weekend retreat is a transformational escape.

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