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The sound patterns used are based on the science of sound. Quantum technology works with the smallest particles of sound and energy placing them into effective patterns. These patterns are used as seeds to create larger pattern imprinted to the subconscious mind, seeds that will bring transformation of thought, action, reaction and overall transformation to the nature. In the science of mantra the meridian points, which is the base of the brain and the upper palate is stimulated with the tip of the tongue. This in turn stimulates and tunes the thalamus and hypothalamus, which sits on the upper palate, this and the word causes the pineal glands to vibrate and as it does it creates an impulse on the pituitary gland which causes it to secrete the chemicals such as serotonin and happy chemicals that feed the emotions. The pituitary gland also sends an impulse to the glandular system which further secretes and this secretion alters the moods and emotions to higher vibrating emotions of joy and love.

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Ong Namo
Ek Ong Kar

Raa Maa Daa Saa

The meaning of mantra is derived from the sanskrit words mana – mind and trai meaning to free from or protect from. Therefore mantra is to free one from the mind and all its harmful chatter. The chanting of Mantra creates a healing vibration within, calming and soothing the mind and emotions, it is not only therapeutic but the sounds of the vowels used breakdown crystallized thoughts and transforms them into store houses of peace.There is only one way to know how it works and that is through the experience of the practice.

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