Children of Unity and their Super Powers

Children of Unity

Many people are finding a lot of things happening in the world today to be unacceptable.

But what is totally unacceptable is children not understanding their minds and emotions and how to deal with their thoughts and feelings adequately. Yet they are facing more stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression than ever before.

This book introduces children to their super powers; their thoughts, words and feelings and their super sensitive instinctual feelings and inner guiding voice. It gives easy practices to get in touch with them and strengthen them and explains why and how to work with them to master difficult times.

In her other children’s book Children’s Yoga Nidra – The Enlightened Super Souls, Jennifer explains that we are not only a human being, but multidimensional beings made of mind, body, emotions and soul. She explains that we have a visible body which is physical that we can see, but we also have subtle bodies (mind, emotions and soul) that are invisible, that is in energy form, that we can not see. The nutrition and exercise for each of these bodies is completely different and in that book she shares the techniques to develop healthy and happy minds and emotions in our children which will create an empowered future generation of love.

Let’s be the change we wish to see in our world!

Yoga Nidra and the Ancient Secret of Life

Yoga Nidra - Ancient secret of life

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The subconscious mind is the storehouse of every memory and moment from our life, positive or negative, and holds every scar of the traumatic events we have endured. This creates our persona: how we see and relate to life, react to it and experience life.

The subconscious does not differentiate between fact and fiction, taking everything as fact. It can be healed from traumatic scars, thus healing our outlook, if we imprint suggestions directly to it without going through the conscious mind.

The subconscious does not understand spoken language; its language is pictures, symbols, feelings, words and repetition. The conscious mind is the one through which we work in our daily lives. It is analytical and rational and can choose to accept or reject information. We need it to function, but when it is present, we cannot feed information to our subconscious without interference.

In this book, Jennifer Fitzsimmons introduces the ancient yoga techniques of Yoga Nidra to withdraw the conscious mind and imprint healing suggestions directly into the subconscious. Messages are suggested as positive as though they have already occurred and, with frequent repetition, they become powerful. They remain in the subconscious to instill transformation in how we see, react and experience life.

Fitzsimmons has been practicing and teaching Yoga Nidra for over two decades and successfully used the material in her workshops, retreats and teachers’ training sessions globally. She believes it is time to go beyond Asana (posture exercise) into the full eight limbs of yoga.

Children’s Yoga Nidra – The Enlightened Super Souls

Now available in our Shop, Amazon Hardcover and Amazon Kindle:

In her her book Yoga Nidra and the Ancient Secrets of Life Jennifer Fitzsimmons delves into the understanding of the subconscious mind and how we can gain access to its deep recesses to alter how we see and respond to life.

There are specific techniques, words, expressions and symbolic pictures that create feelings, the language of the subconscious, and if woven in an intricate and distinctive way, can conquer stress.

Here Jennifer has provided a brief summary for adults, along with the teachings of life in the language of youngsters, on how to take care of their thoughts and feelings. It includes Yoga Nidra scripts for children as bedtime stories also available in audio.

Our world has dramatically changed and children are increasingly bearing the affects of stress. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fear have crept into their minds and Jennifer has written Yoga Nidra and the Ancient Secrets of Life to assist parents build or reinstate strong, balanced minds and calm, healthy and happy emotions in their children – to bring back the joy of being a child.

It will also prove effective in releasing trauma, developing creativity, strengthening imagination and boosting concentration and thus let our children live limitless and freely as the creators of a new generation.

Pathway to Wellness – Stress Management & Emotional Balance


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Pathway to Wellness is a self help book on attaining emotional balance in our world of tension. It teaches stress management and releasing of negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, grief and so forth. It is a passage to understanding our minds and emotions and how to use them to realize our full potential. It demonstrates how wellness includes that of our mind, body and emotions and the inter relation they have with each other on our wellness and success in life.

It teaches how to use our mind and emotions in conjunction with our physical body to attain fulfillment and health. For many years we have believed that we are a human body living in a physical world and that is all there is and that our success and wellness relates to the physical body alone. We have also believed that we are not in control of our lives, destinies or health that only fate has full control of all aspects in our lives.

Pathway to Wellness breathes hope, back into life and gives us the opportunity of a new attitude and a new life. Visit our service and workshop pages for details on workshops, retreats and Life Coaching on Pathway To Wellness and newly released Pathway to Success and Freedom.


I found the subject matter in the first of her three-part trilogy to be both absorbing and inspirational. I think that what sets this ‘self-help’ book apart from so many others of a similar nature on the shelves, is the obvious passion that permeates each page, and the conviction and sincerity with which it is written. Jennifer is also courageous in revealing the personal challenges she had to overcome in her quest to discover meaning in her life, and her experiences give depth and substance to the story, and make the reader feel that ‘if she can do it, so can I’.

It is obvious that Jennifer not only talks the talk, but has indeed, walked the walk. I endorse the principles she espouses, and feel that this book, will go a long way in helping people to discover, as Jennifer says, a whole new attitude and life, and indeed, “a whole new you.”

Review of Pathway to Wellness – Stress Management and Emotional Balance

Pathway to Wellness is a comprehensive treatment of using Kundalini yoga techniques to improve and maintain a balanced state of being.

Jennifer’s revealing personal story draws the reader into her journey. She shows her pain and vulnerability, and recounts how she has transformed her life. Her straightforward telling helps me realise that is possible for myself and each of us to change our lives.

She relates how stress is something for which we need to take personal responsibility. Chapter Two on the Wellness revolution shows that wanting to change ourselves is something that many people are doing and there is support when we embark on a journey for change.

Jennifer’s pathway has strong spiritual basis, holistically entwined with our physical, mental and emotional selves. She describes this clearly with a useful description of the seven chakras.

More than half the book is the section on yoga postures and breathing techniques, which are the fundamentals of her pathway to wellness. The techniques are clearly described so that you can follow them without other instruction besides the book – although clearly having a teacher and attending classes will be beneficial. The photos of Jennifer doing the yoga postures are a testament to how well she is. They have been annotated with arrows to aid your personal practice at home. If you are not able to attend classes or want some help in between classes, you will find this section can be your guide. It is a stand-alone section even if you don’t read the other chapters. Of course your practice will be enhanced with more thorough understanding of the yoga as described in the other chapters.

The final chapter is called Taking Action, and is full of helpful suggestions that again make me realise that I too can change my life to be what I want it to be. The suggestions range from doing positive affirmations, to journaling, to how to timetable yoga practise into your life, and how to practically change your diet.


I would recommend this book if you are beginning to think about making some positive changes in your life, or are already on the pathway to wellness and want a guide along the way.

Colleen Dawson
Academic coordinator – Wits BA Hons Publishing Studies
Science Education, Writing, Research, Editing

Pathways to Wellness is an extremely insightful and creatively written book. It is packed with practical tools and techniques for living a more balanced and stress free life especially for modern day living. I love that Jennifer’s techniques are easy to follow and understand and that it encompasses mind, body and soul. It is a must read for anyone seeking greater clarity and fulfillment in their life.

Ivana – Demartini Method Facilitator

This book resonated very powerfully with me: I have always tended to rush madly from one self-induced crisis to the next, expecting the worst of every situation. The challenges that life presents tend to come as problems that must be endured or battled instead of as opportunities to experience, learn from and possibly even enjoy. As this book teaches, I’ve found that it is indeed attitude that attracts the type of experience one receives and that what one expects is what tends to manifest. Sustained anxiety has indeed resulted in all kinds of physical ailments, fortunately none critical. A few years back, I was first introduced to yoga and the results were significant, positive and sustained. This book is a welcome return to the concepts implicit in yoga that I found so helpful before. It reinforces the good practices and is an all-round inspiration to reinvent one’s life in a more positive and relaxed form. It does not advocate avoiding issues, but regarding them in a new uplifting and ultimately meaningful way. It instills the hope that one can indeed change one’s life for the better.

Denise Venter

Jennifer – what an amazing story you have to tell. You had me enthralled from beginning to end & your words create a sense of power, peace & direction. It has given me a boost to the beginning of my day – so thank you


An inspiring book that follows the authors process and journey from successful business woman to a victim of mental and physically abusive relationships to well respected and admired health, wellness and yoga instructor. Her path to peace is not simple or short or a quick fix solution. Jennifer takes you on a journey that needs to be appreciated every step of the way. Her lessons printed at the end of this book enable you to let go and accept your full spectrum of emotions, getting to know yourself again allowing you to make mistakes along the way. After all, the main focus of this book is to make you understand you are part of a much bigger picture. And most importantly, you have to realize that only you have control over your emotional responses and reactions and they can be changed for the better. So it’s also down to you to make sure you purchase this book and change your life just like I have.

Laura van Niekerk – Freelance writer and yogi in training!

Een van die beste Joga boeke. Veral as jy ‘n beginner is, ek geniet die oefening baie. Dankie


For a long time I felt like I was a stranger to my own body & then I joined your yoga classes. From then onwards I learnt to appreciate my body & work with it to find the balance I so desperately needed in my life.

When you launched your book & I read it, I just knew that another miracle was about to happen in my life. I have dealt with a lot of ups & downs recently and when I feel a little low I reach for your book & read it again. It has a special place next to my bed so its the 1st thing I see in the morning & the last at night.

I no longer suffer as badly from migraines and have applied your guidelines & wealth of knowledge to help me through the stressful times.

I cannot THANK YOU enough for transforming my life. Can’t wait for the new books, and more!

Love & light Sandi

Hello there!
I have read your book “Pathway to Wellness” and have related and gained a wealth of information from it.
I am interested in publishing my own book and was wondering if you could advise me accordingly. please assist.
Thanking you in advance

Nontobeko Tobi

Thank you, am reading your book, Path to Wellness. Am still reading the bit on your experience which I think is such a wonderfully powerful thing to do, as its in telling our tales that we not only heal ourselves but the many other women who r in need of healing, in need of knowing that there is nothing wrong with what they allowed themselves to endure coz they r on a path of self-realisation. I too had stopped looking in a mirror coz I couldn’t stand this woman that would stare at me with zero confidence, zero goals, zero soul n spirit. And thru various decisions I have had to take or the Universe has supported me in making am able to give of myself to others, inspire and share with others to bring healing. We cannot as women give to our children n spouses that which we do not have for ourself. Thank you.

Bontle Matlou