Course Details

Pathway to Freedom – Meditation Retreat Course is for those yearning for a life of Inner Peace,  regardless of what is going on in the world around us. We explore the deeper spiritual understanding of the mind, our outlook and reactions towards life and how to release the past and move forward into a life of contentment.  We delve into a deeper understanding of our self and life and  purpose the to life and a way to fulfill that purpose. It is here we discover that we are limitless and through the full understanding and use of universal principals that we find peace of mind and enter a life of freedom.

  • Who am I?
  • I am spirit having a human experience
  • The subtle body of man
  • The joint operation of the physical, mental, and emotional faculties
  • Understanding the role of mind, body, and emotions
  • The science of the mind and emotions
  • The conscious, sub conscious, and super conscious mind. I am capable of changing my thoughts and feelings
  • I am capable of taking responsibility for my life and choosing the  life I wish to live.
  • Its only thoughts that keep me in a limited world
  • Scientific techniques to reprogram our thoughts and emotions
  • Expanding awareness
  • Self study and journal keeping
  • Processing of psychic scars
  • Coaching techniques and goal setting skills


This course will benefit yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, spiritual healers and therapists and anyone wanting to change their life.

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