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200 Hour Hatha/Ishta Traditional Yoga Teachers Training Certificate 

Pathways Academy of Life – 200 Hour Hatha /Ishta Traditional Yoga Teachers Training Certification is a Curriculum in the Ancient Art Of Yoga, its tradition, psychology and philosophy. Traditional yoga is an eight limb practice, we focus on all eight limbs as we understand that merge of the finite self and Infinite Self, which is the ultimate goal of yoga, is only attainable by mastery of all eight limbs.  It teaches one how to integrate the age old teachings and modern day life, into a way of being, bringing balance, inner peace and fulfillment to life. It is non-denominational and open to all.  Pathways Academy of Life is  a CYS & RYS with World Yoga Alliance and students are eligible and have the option to register as CYT with certificate from them on completion of training. Traditional Yoga Teachers Training was done with small groups to ensure personalized attention and allow people to be in a save space while learning and processing. This tradition lives on at Pathways Country Yoga Retreat.


Those that wish to transform their life, awaken and merge with their soul, deepen their knowledge and experience of Yoga, heal themselves and teach others the study, knowledge and wisdom of the Ancient Yoga Tradition and have a passion to share this experience.

We also offer 100 Hour Yoga Nidra Teachers Training please see our Life changing retreats page. 


  • The meaning of YogaA spiritual LifeThe science and philosophy of YogaAnatomy of the physical body: Circulatory respiratory, digestive,
  • lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, muscular skeletal, immune and
  • genitor urinary systems etc.Anatomy of the non physical body: The chakras, nadis, kundalini,
  • aura, ida, pingala, sushumnaThe joint operation of the physical and non physical bodiesEnergy balancing – disease and pranic healing.Anatomical and physiological studiesUnderstanding the role and operation of mind, body and
  • emotionsThe mind psychological studies Including, mind, mental states,
  • affect of yoga on the mind
  • Asana (postures) benefits, contra-indication, healing, breathingAsana correction techniques, training & practice of asanas,
  • pranayama, kriya, mantra, and meditationTeaching techniques and methodology Including voice projection,
  • class planning, teacher qualitiesTechniques to develop and teach with intuitionPrinciples of demonstration, observation, assistance, correcting,Pranayama including all breath techniquesRelaxationYoga NidraMeditation(Pratyahara, Dhyana, Dharana, Samadhi) Including
  • trataka, silence and 20 meditation practicesShatkarmas PurificationPatanjali’s Eight Limbs of YogaSutras of Patanjali
  • The paths of YogaMudras and BhandasMantra and YantraGunas and TattvasCompassion,
  • forgiveness and gratitude
  • Facing challenges
  • Ethics and lifestyle
  • Diet and Auyrveda
  • Self study and journaling
  • Processing of Psychic Scars
  • Getting started: class settings, goal setting


  • Self practice  as a daily lifestyle
  • A passion to share the age old tradition
  • Practical Exam and case study
  • Attendance of all classes 


  • A Pathway Academy of Life Yoga Teacher certificate on completion of the 200h course
  • Membership with Yoga Teacher Fellowship of Southern Africa -optional
  • Yoga Teacher Fellowship Members are automatically International Yoga Federation members
  • Registration with World Yoga Alliance as a CYT optional


Jennifer Fitzsimmons is the founder of Pathways Academy of Life and Pathways Country Yoga Retreat based in Kw-Zulu Natal, South Africa where she hosts various Yoga Teachers Training, yoga retreats and classes. She also founded Pathways Yoga Retreat Venue Hire. She is the author of Pathway To Wellness, Yoga Nidra and The Ancient Secrets of Life, Children’s Yoga Nidra – The Enlightened Super Soul and Children of Unity and their Super Powers. She also completed a collection of Yoga Nidra audio’s. As a qualified Life Coach she specializes in transforming lives in wellness and fulfillment. Jennifer is a qualified and registered Yoga Teacher through Ishta School of Yoga and Health. She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Jennifer is also a full member of The Yoga Teacher Fellowship of Southern Africa, thus the International Yoga Federation; She and Pathways Country Yoga Retreat is also certified with World Yoga Alliance India. She is also registered with 3HO South Africa. She obtained a full distinction, Life Coaching Diploma through The Institute in the UK.

Jennifer has been practicing Yoga for 26 years and teaching for 24 years. She has also trained teachers for the last 20 years. Her practices began initially as self healing which led her to sharing the powerful ancient tradition. To learn more about the teacher’s Yoga lineage click here.

It is Jennifer’s intention to coach people life changing techniques to transform their lives. She teaches a way of living, which brings self realization of who they are and what they are capable of. 

Jennifer’s belief is that the most essential element of any qualification is self experience and a deep passion.


21 days Live in Yoga Teachers Training Retreat.

This training is completed in one module as a live in retreat and is an ideal training environment as yogic lifestyle and practice becomes ones way of living for 21 days creating a new habit. Food and Accommodation are included in your training program. 

Dates for 21 Day Yoga Teachers Training 2024
  • 07 – 27 January 2024
  • 04 – 24 February 2024
  • 03 – 23 March 2024 
  • 07 – 27 April 2024 
  • 05 – 25 May 2024 
  • 02 – 22 June 2024 
  • 07 – 27 July 2024 
  • 04 – 24 August 2024 
  • 01 – 21 September 2024 
  • 06 – 26 October 2024
  • 03 – 23 November 2024 
  • 24 Nov – 03 Dec 2024

For more information email

Contact Jennifer +27 83 695 1360

Price | R34 900.00