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The world as we knew it has come to an end. Many are feeling alienated, fragmented and in despair.  What everyone needs now is inner peace – peace of mind to navigate through the times.

The subconscious mind is the store house of everything that has happened in our life positive or negative and is the storehouse of every psychic scar of traumatic events that we have been through. This creates our persona, how we see and relate to life, how we react to life and how we experience life. The sub conscious mind does not know the difference between fact or fiction and takes everything that it is presented with as fact. The sub conscious mind can be healed from psychic scars and traumatic experiences and our outlook to life can also be healed if we imprint suggestions directly to it without going through the conscious mind. The sub conscious mind does not understand language its language is pictures, symbols, feelings, word and repetition. The conscious mind is the mind that we work through in our daily lives. It is analytical and rational and can choose to accept or reject information presented to it. We need this mind to function in the physical world, however if it is present it does not allow us to feed any information to the subconscious mind without its approval and consent.

We have used ancient yoga techniques in Yoga Nidra to withdraw the conscious mind and imprint healing suggestions directly to the sub conscious mind. The messages are suggested in the positive as though the suggestion has already occurred, as the sub conscious takes everything as fact, and with frequent repetition it becomes very powerful and remains there bringing about transformation to the persona, how we see and react to life, and how we experience life.

Yoga by the lake