The 100 hour Children’s Yoga Nidra Teachers Training – The Enlightened Super Souls, is a Curriculum in the Ancient Art Of Yoga, in the language of children it has minimum asana (posture) work. But includes the traditions, psychologies and philosophies of yoga, along with pranayama, 10 children’s songs to create happy thoughts and feelings and the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra, with 20 scripts for children as bedtime stories, that is shared in the training from the Teacher Trainer’s published book, Children’s Yoga Nidra – The Enlightened Super Soul. It has been designed to calm the serious effects of stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fear that have crept into the minds of our children in the modern world. This Teachers Training equips the teacher with scientific techniques for building happy, healthy and creative minds in our little ones, which is the answer to creating a powerful future generation. It also equips the teacher to host children’s yoga retreats. It is non denominational. The training will also prove effective in releasing trauma, developing creativity, strengthening imagination, and boosting concentration and thus let our children live happy and freely as they are created to be.

There are specific techniques, words, expressions and symbolic pictures that create feelings, the language of the subconscious, and if woven in an intricate and distinctive way, can conquer stress. We teach these in the training in the language of youngsters, on how to take care of their thoughts and feelings.

The training also includes accommodation, all meals, daily YTT course and certification, daily yoga classes, course materials (videos of classes, recorded yoga nidra meditation, training manual) and 2 weekend outings.

As our school and the teacher are registered with World Yoga Alliance as a CYS and CYT you too have the option to register with World Yoga Alliance on completion as Certified Yoga Teacher. You will also be able to register with Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa which automatically makes you a member of International Yoga Federation as YTF and their members are life long members of IYF.

Jennifer Fitzsimmons the founder and teacher trainer of Pathways Academy of Life has been practicing yoga for over 26 years and teaching for 24 years. She has also been training teachers for 20 years. She has also written two books on the subject.

Dates for 2024

07 – 16 January 2024

04 – 13 February 2024

03 – 12 March 2024

07 – 16 April 2024

05 – 14 May 2024

02 – 11 June 2024

07 – 16 July 2024

04 – 13 August 2024

01 – 10 September 2024

06 – 15 October 2024

03 – 12 November 2024

24 Nov – 02 Dec 2024

Daily Itinerary 

06.00am – 07.00am          Morning Sadhana
07.00am – 08.00am          Prepare for day
08.00am – 09.00am          Yoga & meditation class
09.00am – 10.00am          Breakfast
10.00am – 13.00pm          Teachers Training
13.00pm – 14.00pm          Lunch
14.00pm – 15.00pm          Teachers Training
15.00pm – 16.00pm          Assignment & leisure time
16.00pm – 17.00pm          Yoga & meditation class
17.00pm – 18.30pm          Assignment and leisure time
18.30pm – 19.30pm          Dinner

On the weekend training is replaced with assignment leisure and excursion time.

For more information email

Contact Jennifer +27 83 695 1360

In her book Yoga Nidra and the Ancient Secrets of Life Jennifer Fitzsimmons delves into the understanding of the subconscious mind and how we can gain access to its deep recesses to alter how we see and respond to life.

Price | R18 500.00