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What most people are not aware of is that we are multidimensional beings made up of many layers, of which some include:

  • The gross body – Our physical body 
  • The energy body – Emotions 
  • The subtle body – Mind, intellect, memory and ego 
  • The causal body – Good and bad intentions 
  • The soul body – Soul. 

The gross body or our physical body is visible. The rest of our make up is invisible, but that does not mean it does not exist. We know this because we cannot touch or see our thoughts and feelings but we know we certainly have them. They are energy and reside in an energy, invisible body surrounding our visible body. 

The secret to a successful life is that all our bodies, both visible and invisible have to work together in harmony, for us to enjoy high vibrating thoughts and feelings which is the key to attracting all you desire. At the moment they are clashing with each other leaving people feeling alienated, fragmented and in darkness. 

Successful manifestation cannot take place until our vibrations are high and this can only be attained by reprogramming our thoughts and feelings. In this course we teach the workings of the mind and emotions and how to get them working in harmony, raising their vibrations by using scientific techniques so we can manifest the life of our dreams .

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