Children of Unity and their Super Powers Book


The time has come for children to learn about their thoughts and feelings and how to take care  of them. The modern day world is leaving our children facing stress, anxiety, depression and other psycho somatic disorders than ever before.

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Many people are finding a lot of things happening in the world today to be unacceptable.

But what is totally unacceptable is children not understanding their minds and emotions and how to deal with their thoughts and feelings adequately. Yet they are facing more stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression than ever before.

This book introduces children to their super powers; their thoughts, words and feelings and their super sensitive instinctual feelings and inner guiding voice. It gives easy practices to get in touch with them and strengthen them and explains why and how to work with them to master difficult times.

In her other children’s book Children’s Yoga Nidra – The Enlightened Super Souls, Jennifer explains that we are not only a human being, but multidimensional beings made of mind, body, emotions and soul. She explains that we have a visible body which is physical that we can see, but we also have subtle bodies (mind, emotions and soul) that are invisible, that is in energy form, that we can not see. The nutrition and exercise for each of these bodies is completely different and in that book she shares the techniques to develop healthy and happy minds and emotions in our children which will create an empowered future generation of love.

Let’s be the change we wish to see in our world!


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The material, exercises and meditations, with their titles, comments and claims, have been as accurately transcribed as possible from original class notes. This product is to assist you in developing physical, mental and emotional balance.

It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is always recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before commencing any healing programme.

Best results will be obtained by understanding of the mind of which a description is available in Yoga Nidra - The ancient Secrets of Life by Jennifer Fitzsimmons, and Children's Yoga Nidra - The Enlightened Super Souls. They will also be obtained by following the instructions in the audio and regular practice of the programme. They are designed to create new neural pathways of which repetition is vital. 

Pathways Country Yoga Retreat, Pathways Academy of life and Jennifer Fitzsimmons will not be held responsible for injuries inflicted on yourself resulting from practices performed by yourself.

Remember Yoga and spiritual living teaches you that your health and life is your responsibility.


Not to be practiced whilst driving or operating machinery, nor under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

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