Children’s Animation Yoga Nidra Bedtime story – Adventures with Pegasus.


All our children’s audio and animated Children’s Yoga Nidra bedtime stories have been woven in an intricate and distinctive way with specific symbolic pictures and specific words which creates feelings that are in the vibration language of the subconscious mind. These stories are designed to gain access to deep recesses of the mind, to alter how children see and react to life. They are done in a repetitive manner to create new neural pathways using specific scientific mind techniques of breath and mindful activity of relaxing the parts of the body. This relaxes the brain on a physical level and the thoughts and feelings on psychosomatic level. They are done with as little movement as possible to induce a quiet relaxed mind before sleep or on long road trips. The gentle music used sounds similar to the melody of the song Happy Birthday which sends happy signals and feelings to the subconscious for imprinting these happy memory feelings into the psyche uplifting emotions and with repetition these feelings become lasting .They are extremely effective in releasing past trauma, anxiety and depression related to stress and develop concentration, creativity and build self confidence. Developing happy, healthy thoughts and feelings in our children, creating an empowered future generation of love.


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The material, exercises and meditations, with their titles, comments and claims, have been as accurately transcribed as possible from original class notes. This product is to assist you in developing physical, mental and emotional balance.

It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is always recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before commencing any healing programme.

Best results will be obtained by understanding of the mind of which a description is available in Yoga Nidra - The ancient Secrets of Life by Jennifer Fitzsimmons, and Children's Yoga Nidra - The Enlightened Super Souls. They will also be obtained by following the instructions in the audio and regular practice of the programme. They are designed to create new neural pathways of which repetition is vital. 

Pathways Country Yoga Retreat, Pathways Academy of life and Jennifer Fitzsimmons will not be held responsible for injuries inflicted on yourself resulting from practices performed by yourself.

Remember Yoga and spiritual living teaches you that your health and life is your responsibility.


Not to be practiced whilst driving or operating machinery, nor under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.

All contents is under COPYRIGHT